Our Vision


G – Grow in sound doctrine
G – Gracious in our conduct towards people
C – Continue in the faith by being faithful to Christ.


2 Tim. 2:2 – Our vision is to instruct people with right doctrine and bible teaching, so that they are not moved by every wind of doctrine. To raise up men and women who have godly virtues and who can stand up for their convictions without compromising. To cause people to have a heart set on God’s purposes and do His will.


We want to emphasize the importance of God’s word as a standard and rule of life. It is the word that has the power to deliver and shape our character. It gives us the right perspective of living an overcoming and ascended life in Christ Jesus. When doctrine becomes part of our frame of reference then we have the very mind of Christ.


Secondly, we want the knowledge of God to be applied to every area of practical living, so that we can glorify God and let the life of Christ radiate through our human vessels. We aim to be a church that encourages people to enjoy their personal walk with the Lord and to be a blessing to those they come in contact with.


Please uphold us in your prayers, that we may abound and be fruitful in every good work for the Lord.

PROV. 29:18 A